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Money can buy bed but cannot buy sleep

Money can buy books but cannot buy brains

Money can buy food but cannot buy appetite

Money can buy house but cannot buy home

Money can buy medicine but cannot buy health

Money can buy companions but cannot buy friends.

Above all, Money can buy amusement but cannot buy happiness and peace.




Proverb I often use and their meaning.

A –     A bad penny always turns up –  the sin we commit will always come back to hurt us in one way or the other.

B –     Beauty is only skin deep –  a person’s character is more important than their appearance.

C  –   Cleanliness is next to godliness – a clean body is next important as a pure soul

D –    Do  not  judge a book by it’s cover – do not judge people by appearance

E –    Every man is an architect of his own fortune – Life is what you make of it.

F –     Fools at forty are fools forever – if a person has not mature at the age of forty, he or she will never be.

G  –     Great oaks grow from little acorns – large successful operations can begin in a little way.

H –     Half  loaf is better than none – you should be grateful for something, even if is not as much as you want it.

I –      It’s of no use crying over a spoiled  milk – do not express regret on something  that has occured and can’t be        solved.

J –     Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – every thing has a beginning.

k –     kill the goose that lay the golden eggs – destroy something that would be a source of wealth or success.

L –    Look before you leap – consider possible consequences before taking action.

M –   Manners makes a man – possibly, a person’s manners shows their origin.

N –    No smoke without fire – there could be some truth in a rumor.

O –    One man’s meat is another man’s poison. One person can like something very much and the other person might

hate it.

P –    Pride goes before a fall – do  not  be too self confident and proud, something may happen to make you look foolish.

Q –     Quid pro que – to exchange something for something or tit for tat.

R  –   Rome was not built in a day – it takes a long time to do  good job properly. we should not expect it done quickly.

S  –    Spare the rod and spoil the child – if you do not punish a child when he does wrong, you gradually spoiling his


T  –    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – feed a man well and he will love you.

U –   Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown – those who have powers over the lives of others can not sleep soundly

because of their great responsibility.

V  –  Variety is the spice of life – doing lot of different things makes life more interesting.

W –   When in Rome, do what the Romans do – you should adopt the customs of the people or country you are visiting

and behave in the same way.

Y  –   You can not teach an old dog new tricks – a person who is used to doing something in a certain way can not easily


Z –  Zack was crying that he had no shoes, he immediately stopped crying when he saw a man without legs – There are

situations that are worst than yours in life. your situation is not the worst bear that in mind.




Introduction: Pride goes before a fall is a story of a young beautiful princess, who was very arrogant. When it was time for her to marry, she was not always ready. Any man that comes after her is not always perfect.

Finally, she found the one she was really pleased with and loved. At the end of the day, she discovered he was not ready to marry her . He was just there to humiliate  her.

Settings: The scene is set like a village or country scene.









At least every six months, there must be a suitor to come woo the princess for marriage. The princess is always sending them away. There must be one fault or the other….

The story continues………………..

QUEEN: My dear, you old enough to get married. Why are you always chasing the suitors away? Remember you are a princess and the only child of the king.

The king is worried about you.

Princess: Well mother leave me alone I will get married whenever I am ready. I don’t like those men. Can’t you see they always having one fault or the other? Please I don’t want them. I will marry when I get the right one.

The King came in immediately.

THE KING: What did I hear you say? Do you know how many suitors come to my palace every year to woo you that you have chased? You are a disgrace. How come you never liked any? Oh my goodness! I think something is wrong with you.

The Princess speechless..

THE KING: Am talking to you. Why are you quiet?

The King left.

Three months later, a suitor was in the palace.

THE KING: Go call the princess, she has a visitor.

THE QUEEN: Ok your highest.

The princess came.

THE PRINCESS: well I know what these are all about. Another suitor? I have told you mother and father. I will get someone myself . I don’t like him he is too short , can’t you see he is a titch. He looks poor to me, I am a rich princess. And very pretty

THE KING: How could you?

The princess left.

THE KING: oh I am so sorry for the embarrassment. Please do not take it too personal please.

SUITOR 1: That’s fine your highest. He left without saying much words.

THE KING: you see what your daughter has just done?

THE QUEEN: why are you always putting all the blame on me? She is equally your she left with anger.

That evening everyone was sad in the palace, even the people were also talking too.

THE QUEEN: what is wrong with you? Even the ,people are talking too

PRINCESS: let them say whatever they want to say after all, I am the princess . They are always jelouse of me. I will marry at my own time when the right suitor is here.


SUITOR 2: I like your daughter the princess . She is very pretty. I see her always and I admire her.

THE KING: have you spoken to her before?

SUITOR 2: No, I was told before you talk to the princess, you have to come to the palace firstly to woo her.

THE KING: You right I will go call the princess .

The princess was later with the King and suitor 2.

THE KING: Here is another suitor my dear, he came to woo you.

She kept quiet looking at the suitor from head to toe.

The king: Why are you so quiet woman? This man is here for you. What do you have to say?

PRINCESS: See his cheap shoes, and worn out shirt and who knows if he is clean? He looks dirty to me though;

She left.

THE KING: Come back here the king shouted.

SUITOR 2: I have never been humiliated like this before since I became a youth. He left with anger.

The princess remained single for many years without anyone coming to woo her again until one day.

Another suitor walked into the palace.

SUITOR 3: Well I like the princess she is beautiful and I would like to marry her.

THE KING: Well, we go call the princess. I hope she likes you in return

The princess was called out by the queen.

THE KING: You have a guest here, he came to ask your hand in marriage. Do you like him?

The princess looked at him from head to toe as usual and said ‘I accept’

There was a big feast in the palace.

Later on, the Princess was taken away by her husband.

The princess lived happily with her husband until one day.

SUITOR 3: I think you will have to go back to your parents I don’t want to marry you again.

PRINCESS: What do you mean? You mean you don’t want to marry me again? I LOVE YOU. You can’t do this to me , I love so much.

SUITOR 3: Why are you so cruel? Do you know how many lives you have humiliated because of your pride? Why is it me you loved? Well, to be honest I am not ready to marry you. I was told by some of the suitors you have humiliated in the past . You have already annoyed so many which is not really fair. Well, I have to go now. I am off!!  He left and went into the thin air without been seen again.

It all happened like a nightmare to the princess.

She went back to the palace that same day. She went with shame.

Few days later, people heard what happened. No one knew how the news had spread. She became a laughing stock. Sometimes, she stays indoor.

The end

If you allow yourself to be full of pride, You will find yourself humiliated one day.

Be Modest.

Isabella okoh








A bad penny always turns means the sin we commit will always come back to hurt us. In one way or the other. This is a story about a rebellious girl who never listened to anyone even her mum. She later found herself in a mess, and it was too late to make amendment.

Scene 1:- Interior day

Place: Ms Thomson sitting room. She was in her late 40s, a single mother of two daughters with different fathers. She has tried  to raise her children, but she has not been strong enough to discipline them.

Jenny is 19 years old, she is going to join the university to study art. She is a rebellious girl. She gets angry easily. Won’t let anyone tell her what to do.

She has been a different girl right from her childhood

It looks she is missing her father. She frequently looks at her father’s picture if her mother comes she immediately hides it.

Stacy is 16 years old. She is completely different from her step sister. She quite doesn’t understands her sister(behaviour of her sister) She understands others. She is affectionate and has a good behaviour.

Sitting room:

The two sisters watching television


Painting her nails

Sitting oddly stretching her leg and putting her feet on the other sit.

Ms Thomson: (mother) enters the sitting room.

Coming from work, she looks tired kept her shopping on the table, and starts unpacking, takes off her coat and sits down.

Jenny: straight away says:

We haven’t eaten, aren’t we going to eat anything? (not polite)

Stacy: (the youngest daughter) says hello to her mum.

Ms Thomson: said tiredly

I just came back from work Jenny! You are old enough to get yourself something to eat. You don’t need someone to help you.

Jenny loudly in a non polite manner

If you can’t get me something to eat, that means I can get it from somewhere else. And you know what I meant. That means going out (the night)

Mother: I don’t get that what do you mean by that?

Jenny:- with a manipulating action says

I mean I will go out and stay out.

Stacy: you always shout at mum

Jenny: shout up you little brat.

Mum: (with a louder tone to Jenny) don’t you ever use that word again on your sister do you understand.

Jenny:  (shouting back) what will you do?

Mum: Thank God it’s September soon, you will be going to University soon.

Jenny: Fine I am sick of staying with you too. I’m going, I’m going. (She left the sitting room)

Stacy: Went to her mum putting her arm around her neck, with a slow tone saying I am hungry, and said: I want to go cook something for myself. You want some too?

Mum: thank you I would like some.

Stacy: What shall we eat? I choose chicken and peas

Mum: Nope, we had that yesterday for supper. Lets have spaghetti Bolognese.

Stacy: ok cool (excited) they both went to the kitchen.

Two months later

Jenny joined the university, even at the university she started behaving badly. She goes clubbing a lot smoking stealing dating and sleeping with different guys.

Till one day the law caught up with Jenny. She was arrested for shoplifting.

Mum: Stacy I think we have letters in the post, please can you take them to the sitting room before you leave for your sports

Practise? I am in the bathroom.

Stacy: sure I will

Mum: Thank you.

Stacy: Left for the gymnasium to do her practise.

Mum: Finished her bath and started opening the envelops. Oh this is from jenny I hope she is alright. (Puzzled)

She opened the envelop

Says loudly what??? Arrested for shop lifting? Oh my goodness

She rushes and dresses and immediately went to jenny’s school

When she  got  there, she was told her daughter was later released on bail, and she was suspended from school for two months.

Mum: what are you doing to yourself my dear child? You smoke, drink and even got pregnant several times and gone for abortion to terminate the pregnancy which is not good for your future life.

Jenny: Angrily said: if you annoy me with too many word of yours, I will leave this house and never come back again.

Mum: Looking exhausted by her behaviour and said do whatever you want with your life. Thank God you are 19years of  age. You are old enough to look after yourself.

Jenny finally drop out of school and was hanging around with friends

Her Mum later left her to her fate . All Jenny’s classmates graduated successfully while Jenny was busy moving from one friend to the other smoking and doing all sort of bad things.

While Stacy was preparing to join the University to study medicine.

Jenny managed to get herself attached to a man. His behaviour was not different from hers. They became couples. His name was Tom.

Tom: Hey Jenny, we have been couples for the past three and half years now, and we have been trying to have a child, and yet nothing is happening. Is the fault coming from me or you?

Jenny: I think it’s you because i am hundred percent ok.

(showing irritation)

Tom: what do you mean?

Jenny: I think because you smoke cannabis too much that is the reason.

Tom: what about you?

Jenny: I have told you.

Tom: I think there is no need for all these. I got an idea we have to go for counselling first of all, we go see a doctor first.

They went for counselling and medical check up as agreed.

Few days later

Tom: I was called earlier today by our doctor and was told both of us should come.

Jenny: okay

Dr Ben: Hello have a sit. Well, what I am about to say now, will be like dropping a bombshell. But please you just have to be brave. Please i beg of you both especially Jenny. You have to be strong.

Tom: what is it doctor? We are listening I hope is not that bad.

Doctor: I am afraid your partner hasn’t got a womb. She did lost her womb during carless abortions and using too much pills few years back. And besides, she is a drug addict. So you see the combination of all has contributed to this result. That is it. There is nothing I can do. It’s too late for any solution. The womb is damaged badly. It’s gone. She can’t conceive a child i am very sorry.

Jenny collapse.(unconscious)

After 24 hours

Jenny: where am I?  How did I get here?

Nurse: You were brought down here by an ambulance from your surgery. Just calm down and relax.

Jenny: (shouting on top of her voice) asking, can I see my mum? Can I see Stacy? I should have listened to my mum when I was in my teens. Oh!!! My God what have I done to myself? She cried and wept bitterly………….



UNEDITED SAMPLE OF kiki the stubborn bird


Kiki   was a very beautiful bird

A dark and lovely bird

Kiki  stays with her partner  Bee  in one of the tall trees near the forest, where they call home.

They lived happily, when it was time in the morning to fetch for food, Kiki would go with her partner.

Kiki likes flying high and far, which is not really good. She has been warned by her partner Bee to stop.

Later on, Kiki met other bird who does the same flying so high.

Kiki heard stories of birds like that, flying so high and never returned home. Yet, she still flew so high.

Bee said to Kiki: I told you, those birds that does that, when it’s night time, they never returned home. I guess it’s the eagle that eats them all. I am warning you now. You know it says like this:

“ The ear is always telling the head to be careful,

because when the head is cut off!!! The ear

goes with it”

Says who?

Answered Kiki

I have told you replied Bee . So one day, Kiki flied high and high to the clouds with a fellow bird.

It was just two of them. When it was night time, Bee searched for Kiki everywhere, but Kiki

Was never found nor seen.

He wept bitterly;  saying:

“ I warned her”

I think she must have been eaten by the Eagle.

It is not good to be too stubborn.

That was the end of kiki

Isabella OKOH

Drawing and Painting by Isabella Okoh


Drawing and Painting by Isabella Okoh

This piece of art work reminds me of countryside in Africa. Chicken and hen are let out in the morning to go search for food. When it’s sunset, they come back to their cage. The saddest news is sometimes, mother hen left with three chicken in the morning to search for food, but at the end of the day, she comes back with two chicken. What happened to the third chick?

The third chick must have been taken and eaten by the hungry and wicked hawk, leaving mother hen in pains and anguish. It’s a wicked World even for hens and their chicken.

TREE OF LIFE  (British Musuem)


The tree of life was found in Mozambique in Africa. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the World, with more than three quarters of the population living less than two dollars a day. There was a legacy of sixteen year long civil war that ended in 1992. The consequences of  war in Mozambique was poverty.

The rusted metals used to form the tree of life were arms turned into tools used for the war in Mozambique. The transformation of arms into tools has collected more than 600 000 weapons. Nine years ago, after the war, people started handling guns in exchange of goods such as sewing machine, building materials and tools. These weapons were chopped up and used to form art work known as the tree of life in British Museum today.

Mozambican artist spent three months creating three metre sculpture, it was made entirely out of weapons such as AK-47s, Pistols and rocket.Firstly, they said  it should be called tree of guns, but later, it was suggested it should be called tree of  life because guns ends life.

Before it was shipped to Britain, it was shown in ‘Park of Peace’ in the capital city of Mozambique and footage of people flocking  to see it at sunset.

The British museum heard of it 2002 and it was the first modern art work of Africa the British museum had bought.



DSCF1336Some people say Life sucks or life is full of shit

while other people say life is beautiful or life is full of surprises.

In my own opinion, I would say life is what you make it and what you say of it

Life is you, so be careful how you describe  it.


Isabella xx




When the baby was born, she was muffled with Pink duvet

Pink is the colour for many girls

Pink is not any kind of fiction

Pink always helps me gain

It is the colour of fashion world

Pink is the attitude of a Princess

It is the sensation of buying a new dress

I love the colour Pink because it is girly, cute and dandy.

Isabella X

Drawing and painting by Isabella