UNEDITED SAMPLE OF kiki the stubborn bird


Kiki   was a very beautiful bird

A dark and lovely bird

Kiki  stays with her partner  Bee  in one of the tall trees near the forest, where they call home.

They lived happily, when it was time in the morning to fetch for food, Kiki would go with her partner.

Kiki likes flying high and far, which is not really good. She has been warned by her partner Bee to stop.

Later on, Kiki met other bird who does the same flying so high.

Kiki heard stories of birds like that, flying so high and never returned home. Yet, she still flew so high.

Bee said to Kiki: I told you, those birds that does that, when it’s night time, they never returned home. I guess it’s the eagle that eats them all. I am warning you now. You know it says like this:

“ The ear is always telling the head to be careful,

because when the head is cut off!!! The ear

goes with it”

Says who?

Answered Kiki

I have told you replied Bee . So one day, Kiki flied high and high to the clouds with a fellow bird.

It was just two of them. When it was night time, Bee searched for Kiki everywhere, but Kiki

Was never found nor seen.

He wept bitterly;  saying:

“ I warned her”

I think she must have been eaten by the Eagle.

It is not good to be too stubborn.

That was the end of kiki

Isabella OKOH

Drawing and Painting by Isabella Okoh


Drawing and Painting by Isabella Okoh

This piece of art work reminds me of countryside in Africa. Chicken and hen are let out in the morning to go search for food. When it’s sunset, they come back to their cage. The saddest news is sometimes, mother hen left with three chicken in the morning to search for food, but at the end of the day, she comes back with two chicken. What happened to the third chick?

The third chick must have been taken and eaten by the hungry and wicked hawk, leaving mother hen in pains and anguish. It’s a wicked World even for hens and their chicken.

TREE OF LIFE  (British Musuem)


The tree of life was found in Mozambique in Africa. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the World, with more than three quarters of the population living less than two dollars a day. There was a legacy of sixteen year long civil war that ended in 1992. The consequences of  war in Mozambique was poverty.

The rusted metals used to form the tree of life were arms turned into tools used for the war in Mozambique. The transformation of arms into tools has collected more than 600 000 weapons. Nine years ago, after the war, people started handling guns in exchange of goods such as sewing machine, building materials and tools. These weapons were chopped up and used to form art work known as the tree of life in British Museum today.

Mozambican artist spent three months creating three metre sculpture, it was made entirely out of weapons such as AK-47s, Pistols and rocket.Firstly, they said  it should be called tree of guns, but later, it was suggested it should be called tree of  life because guns ends life.

Before it was shipped to Britain, it was shown in ‘Park of Peace’ in the capital city of Mozambique and footage of people flocking  to see it at sunset.

The British museum heard of it 2002 and it was the first modern art work of Africa the British museum had bought.


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