Introduction: Pride goes before a fall is a story of a young beautiful princess, who was very arrogant. When it was time for her to marry, she was not always ready. Any man that comes after her is not always perfect.

Finally, she found the one she was really pleased with and loved. At the end of the day, she discovered he was not ready to marry her . He was just there to humiliate  her.

Settings: The scene is set like a village or country scene.









At least every six months, there must be a suitor to come woo the princess for marriage. The princess is always sending them away. There must be one fault or the other….

The story continues………………..

QUEEN: My dear, you old enough to get married. Why are you always chasing the suitors away? Remember you are a princess and the only child of the king.

The king is worried about you.

Princess: Well mother leave me alone I will get married whenever I am ready. I don’t like those men. Can’t you see they always having one fault or the other? Please I don’t want them. I will marry when I get the right one.

The King came in immediately.

THE KING: What did I hear you say? Do you know how many suitors come to my palace every year to woo you that you have chased? You are a disgrace. How come you never liked any? Oh my goodness! I think something is wrong with you.

The Princess speechless..

THE KING: Am talking to you. Why are you quiet?

The King left.

Three months later, a suitor was in the palace.

THE KING: Go call the princess, she has a visitor.

THE QUEEN: Ok your highest.

The princess came.

THE PRINCESS: well I know what these are all about. Another suitor? I have told you mother and father. I will get someone myself . I don’t like him he is too short , can’t you see he is a titch. He looks poor to me, I am a rich princess. And very pretty

THE KING: How could you?

The princess left.

THE KING: oh I am so sorry for the embarrassment. Please do not take it too personal please.

SUITOR 1: That’s fine your highest. He left without saying much words.

THE KING: you see what your daughter has just done?

THE QUEEN: why are you always putting all the blame on me? She is equally your she left with anger.

That evening everyone was sad in the palace, even the people were also talking too.

THE QUEEN: what is wrong with you? Even the ,people are talking too

PRINCESS: let them say whatever they want to say after all, I am the princess . They are always jelouse of me. I will marry at my own time when the right suitor is here.


SUITOR 2: I like your daughter the princess . She is very pretty. I see her always and I admire her.

THE KING: have you spoken to her before?

SUITOR 2: No, I was told before you talk to the princess, you have to come to the palace firstly to woo her.

THE KING: You right I will go call the princess .

The princess was later with the King and suitor 2.

THE KING: Here is another suitor my dear, he came to woo you.

She kept quiet looking at the suitor from head to toe.

The king: Why are you so quiet woman? This man is here for you. What do you have to say?

PRINCESS: See his cheap shoes, and worn out shirt and who knows if he is clean? He looks dirty to me though;

She left.

THE KING: Come back here the king shouted.

SUITOR 2: I have never been humiliated like this before since I became a youth. He left with anger.

The princess remained single for many years without anyone coming to woo her again until one day.

Another suitor walked into the palace.

SUITOR 3: Well I like the princess she is beautiful and I would like to marry her.

THE KING: Well, we go call the princess. I hope she likes you in return

The princess was called out by the queen.

THE KING: You have a guest here, he came to ask your hand in marriage. Do you like him?

The princess looked at him from head to toe as usual and said ‘I accept’

There was a big feast in the palace.

Later on, the Princess was taken away by her husband.

The princess lived happily with her husband until one day.

SUITOR 3: I think you will have to go back to your parents I don’t want to marry you again.

PRINCESS: What do you mean? You mean you don’t want to marry me again? I LOVE YOU. You can’t do this to me , I love so much.

SUITOR 3: Why are you so cruel? Do you know how many lives you have humiliated because of your pride? Why is it me you loved? Well, to be honest I am not ready to marry you. I was told by some of the suitors you have humiliated in the past . You have already annoyed so many which is not really fair. Well, I have to go now. I am off!!  He left and went into the thin air without been seen again.

It all happened like a nightmare to the princess.

She went back to the palace that same day. She went with shame.

Few days later, people heard what happened. No one knew how the news had spread. She became a laughing stock. Sometimes, she stays indoor.

The end

If you allow yourself to be full of pride, You will find yourself humiliated one day.

Be Modest.

Isabella okoh







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