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I received this from Quetin Blake through my Art teacher Mary, Amazing………

To Isabella Okoh,

From Quetin Blake,

Via my Lovely Drawing and Painting Teacher Mary


Weirdooo Part two

She came into her Room,

Ohhh are you the new girl?  yes I am, She answered, Introduction follows. well if you need anything, just ask me, am on first floor just right on top of you, they both laughed. wow you got a laptop she asked.

Hmm yes I have one. how much this cost? it is a mini laptop.

Yes actually, I was given as a present after my course with a college.

Hmm you go college????

‘I thought we Assylum seekers are not allowed to go school. Hmm, well I don’t know that’.

‘She later went quietly upstairs full of guilt  she could feel it’.

At night, she could hear it, She plays lourd Music jumping upstairs, she could hear the noise because both girls were on the same floor.she was on first floor and i was on ground floor. She does this mostly at night, She could not stand the noise after few more night of Hell,

she was forced to go knock her door pastmidnight  because of her lourd music.

she pleaded with her that, she couldn’t sleep, she understood and switch off her lourd music. After few days, she began again. This time she was mad because she knew she was doing it intentionally. She was mad and went to her again that if she continues, she would have no choice than to call the landlord.

Guess what she said??????????????????????

I would call the Home Office you go to College, We are Assylum Seekers, we not allowed to go College, who is paying your school fees?

You better bring out all your Cetificate of Acheivement  before I expose you.

Isn’t that Strange?

We are Assylum seekers, but we human beings aren’t we??????????