I am a writer from West Africa. My writing is mainly influenced by  parables and stories about Africa in general.

What motivates me is being creative and using my imagination. My main hobbies are drawing and painting, reading and traveling. I live in London (United Kingdom). I have written short stories like:

  • Kiki the stubborn  bird,
  • Pride goes before a fall
  • A bad penny always turns up
  • Kojo the apple head
  • Don’t Judge a book by its cover.
  • Moji the cruel cat
  • Everyday for the thief one day for the owner.

Presently, I am still working on a book  “Victims of Sexual Exploitation”

5196733-7572a090405eadde6c4df77abd9388eb-fp-2f1628da158b77c2c815f89776b63f68Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

A Book of Fables

By Isabella Okoh

This book is a showcase of fables written by Isabella accompanied by her original artwork.

This my lovely Book of Fables was Published November 29 2013.  It was generously funded by John Kobal Foundation via Photo Voice London. Many many thanks to John Kobal Foundation and Photo Voice London.

Many thanks to Leila Segal, (Mentor)  Helen Cammok (Mentor) Matt and  Clare Struthers from Photo Voice London, and Mary my art teacher at the HBF.

God Bless you all

xx Isabella….

PV and JK Foundation London. Exhibition 2013

CLSnaps_500px-123                                                                            CLSnaps_500px-129





5505338-103c0ae63ab9571b41b7e5d177e6ff6b-fp-a3e48e20249c51b40c260428a3d99950Moji the Cruel Cat

This book is a showcase of fable written by Isabella accompanied by her original artwork.






Helen Bamber

Helen Bamber is a psychotherapist who co-founded the Helen Bamber Foundation to help survivors of human rights violations.  Helen Bamber  is one of the early members of Amnesty International, driven by the need to expose  the practices of torture worldwide and document the injuries of survivors. Helen Bamber has really helped survivors of genocide, torture, sex trafficking and domestic violence. She is  mother of all.

Thanks Helen for all the wonderful works you have done for people. May God bless you.  Wishing you more long life and prosperity.

Isabella X

Music group picChristmas party  with Helen Bamber  the CEO of HBF

at the Helen Bamber Foundation  2008.

Voice of Freedom Exhibtion 2015

Exhibition 2015  Pictures taken by Isabella O
Exhibition 2015 Pictures taken by Isabella O

Isabella Okoh’s empty bowl is another favourite: it’s about loss, really poignant. She uses colour forcefully in her work, and this shot is grey-blue. Sometimes it’s the absence in an image, and the pared down beauty of minimal words that move the most.

……….Voice of Freedom





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